You’re probably thinking i’m going to refer to something stupid like Volvo or Saab or even a part like the steering wheel or tires. But no. I’m talking about the car battery. It’s a humble piece of a kit that every modern car needs. Every Saab and every Volvo has a steering wheel and tires, but without a battery, both are useless cause you’re not going anywhere! That being said – keeping your car battery charged and healthy is an often overlooked and it can come at a costly price. If you neglect your car battery, replacing it isn’t a cheap task by any means.

The guys over at Zena Racing have you covered though. They’ve done a bunch of reviews on car battery chargers to keep you well informed on how to ensure that your car battery stays health and charged at all times. Even if it’s dead, they’ve got a bunch of chargers that could help revive your battery – saving you a few precious pennies.

Having lived in a cold climate myself, there is absolutely nothing worse then waking up in the moring, getting ready for work, quickly making the run to your car to get it started and hitting the heater on high so you can survive the trip to work and hearing the notorious car battery click when trying to turn over the engine. No matter how many times you swing it, your car battery just isn’t going to do it today. Those are the exact times when you need one of these chargers. You whip it out, stick it on, head back inside for an hour to stay warm and getting the morning coffee in. Heading out an hour later and you’re good to go.

I normally keep one in the boot of my car just incase I have this exact issue when i’m heading home from work too. It’s an absolute pain getting stuck somewhere when the problem is completely solveable with a simple piece of hardware. Don’t get stuck without one. Make sure you pick up a car battery charger before you get stuck out in the cold.

Samlex Car Battery Charger

I, personally, went out and bought the Samlex Solar Series that was recommended by Zena Racing and I haven’t looked back. It’s solid, reliable and keeps me going through those cold patches when you don’t want to stuck in the cold. So head over to them and give their reviews a read and pick up one of the right charger for you. You won’t be disappointed.