Last year, in the month of November my family and I sat down and started planning a trip. We were contemplating where to go, and we came up with a couple of options. One of them was to go to Dubai as it is insanely close to Abu Dhabi which currently houses Ferrari World on Yas Island. It is truly one of the most exhilarating and thrilling theme parks that I have ever visited. As I am a massive fan of automotive, I was incredibly excited to go there. It is the biggest indoor theme park on the planet. It is 25 square kilometers, and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has already garnered a tremendous amount of global attention. Guests were able to experience the world premiere of the FF, the revolutionary Ferrari 12-cylinder four-seater, and also it consists four-wheel drive, this broadcasts LIVE in Cinema Maranello.

 Ferrari World

All the rides and experiences are state of the art, and we had a chance to ride in the fastest roller coasters on the planet, and you will not believe the adrenaline rush the surges through your body when you are riding it. The wind welling through your hair and the happiness mixed with a hint of fear definitely makes it worth the commute and the pretty buck you pay for the ticket. Something else really made me want to go there at all costs. I heard about a part of the park where there are actual cars which have been parked for the tourists to be in awe of and take pictures with. I’m getting to the best part; there was an attraction where we could sit in one of the Formula 1 cars and ride in it with a professional racer.

front view

This was legitimately the highlight of my Abu Dhabi trip. After that, we went to something called “The tire change experience.” We had to try and beat the clock against an actual member of the Ferrari pit crew and try to change the tires of an F1TM car. I was in shock as I actually got so close to one the cars that were my screen saver for the longest time. I had a huge fanboy moment and was awestruck. Later, after a beautiful lunch at an Italian restaurant, we crossed by something called “Inside the Ferrari Factory, Made In Maranello.” This was a cinematic experience where the ride takes us through the journey of Ferrari and how it started and how it acquired fame and love of millions of souls around the globe. We got an in-depth view and tour of the Ferrari factory and discovered how a “Ferrari GT” is made from scratch. Me, being a gigantic fan of automobiles had a wonderful time here. We got to see the engine, early design stages, assembly, application of paint, and many other things that were previously reserved only for Ferrari owners.

I was on cloud nine until I got back home and I will never forget this spectacular trip that I took. Since then my love for automotive has only tripled if that’s even possible and anyone who is a fan should definitely visit this place once in their lifetime. They WILL NOT be disappointed