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0% APR Financing

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The Unsung Hero Of the Car World – The Car Battery

You’re probably thinking i’m going to refer to something stupid like Volvo or Saab or even a part like the steering wheel or tires. But no. I’m talking about the car battery. It’s a humble piece of a kit that every modern car needs. Every Saab and every Volvo has a steering wheel and tires, but without a battery, both are useless cause you’re not going anywhere! That being said – keeping your car battery charged and healthy is an often overlooked and it can come at a costly price. If you neglect your car battery, replacing it isn’t a cheap task by any means.

The guys over at Zena Racing have you covered though. They’ve done a bunch of reviews on car battery chargers to keep you well informed on how to ensure that your car battery stays health and charged at all times. Even if it’s dead, they’ve got a bunch of chargers that could help revive your battery – saving you a few precious pennies.

Having lived in a cold climate myself, there is absolutely nothing worse then waking up in the moring, getting ready for work, quickly making the run to your car to get it started and hitting the heater on high so you can survive the trip to work and hearing the notorious car battery click when trying to turn over the engine. No matter how many times you swing it, your car battery just isn’t going to do it today. Those are the exact times when you need one of these chargers. You whip it out, stick it on, head back inside for an hour to stay warm and getting the morning coffee in. Heading out an hour later and you’re good to go.

I normally keep one in the boot of my car just incase I have this exact issue when i’m heading home from work too. It’s an absolute pain getting stuck somewhere when the problem is completely solveable with a simple piece of hardware. Don’t get stuck without one. Make sure you pick up a car battery charger before you get stuck out in the cold.

Samlex Car Battery Charger

I, personally, went out and bought the Samlex Solar Series that was recommended by Zena Racing and I haven’t looked back. It’s solid, reliable and keeps me going through those cold patches when you don’t want to stuck in the cold. So head over to them and give their reviews a read and pick up one of the right charger for you. You won’t be disappointed.

An Automotive Fanatics’ Heaven: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

An Automotive Fanatics’ Heaven: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Last year, in the month of November my family and I sat down and started planning a trip. We were contemplating where to go, and we came up with a couple of options. One of them was to go to Dubai as it is insanely close to Abu Dhabi which currently houses Ferrari World on Yas Island. It is truly one of the most exhilarating and thrilling theme parks that I have ever visited. As I am a massive fan of automotive, I was incredibly excited to go there. It is the biggest indoor theme park on the planet. It is 25 square kilometers, and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has already garnered a tremendous amount of global attention. Guests were able to experience the world premiere of the FF, the revolutionary Ferrari 12-cylinder four-seater, and also it consists four-wheel drive, this broadcasts LIVE in Cinema Maranello.

 Ferrari World

All the rides and experiences are state of the art, and we had a chance to ride in the fastest roller coasters on the planet, and you will not believe the adrenaline rush the surges through your body when you are riding it. The wind welling through your hair and the happiness mixed with a hint of fear definitely makes it worth the commute and the pretty buck you pay for the ticket. Something else really made me want to go there at all costs. I heard about a part of the park where there are actual cars which have been parked for the tourists to be in awe of and take pictures with. I’m getting to the best part; there was an attraction where we could sit in one of the Formula 1 cars and ride in it with a professional racer.

front view

This was legitimately the highlight of my Abu Dhabi trip. After that, we went to something called “The tire change experience.” We had to try and beat the clock against an actual member of the Ferrari pit crew and try to change the tires of an F1TM car. I was in shock as I actually got so close to one the cars that were my screen saver for the longest time. I had a huge fanboy moment and was awestruck. Later, after a beautiful lunch at an Italian restaurant, we crossed by something called “Inside the Ferrari Factory, Made In Maranello.” This was a cinematic experience where the ride takes us through the journey of Ferrari and how it started and how it acquired fame and love of millions of souls around the globe. We got an in-depth view and tour of the Ferrari factory and discovered how a “Ferrari GT” is made from scratch. Me, being a gigantic fan of automobiles had a wonderful time here. We got to see the engine, early design stages, assembly, application of paint, and many other things that were previously reserved only for Ferrari owners.

I was on cloud nine until I got back home and I will never forget this spectacular trip that I took. Since then my love for automotive has only tripled if that’s even possible and anyone who is a fan should definitely visit this place once in their lifetime. They WILL NOT be disappointed

Fiendings Decisions, Decisions

Fiendings Decisions, Decisions

Ever notice how when you’re single you never have just one potential mate? If the cosmic order was bereft of irony, you’d stumble upon a single, perfect individual, the clouds would part and angels would sing. Unfortunately, it’s not like that. Or, at least it’s never been that way with me. After a lengthy dry spell, I’d get twisted up with no less than two seemingly perfect options and be stuck pulling my hair out for days trying to figure which one I’d be happier with. Now that I’m married, I thought I was done with that shit. Not so, Fiends. As you may know, the Bowman household is currently in the mad hunt for a turbo, 5-speed 5-door. As much as I’d love to lay my paws on an S4, I don’t think I can manage the ego (or premiums) necessary to slide behind the wheel of the four rings. So, Subarus it is. I’m all set to make the hike to check out a particularly gravy car when out of the blue comes another perfect option. Hop the jump to see what I’m working with.

Contender number one is a 2004 Forester 2.5XT. Do a little reading on this wagon/CUV/ute and you’ll find the turbo 2.5-liter flat four is the same basic mill as the STi power plant of the same vintage. The turbo’s slightly smaller, but you’re still working with 210 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. Roll that goody into a 3,000 lb empty box and you’re looking at 0-60 times in the fives. That’s right, I said fives. The one I’ve laid my peepers on is a 91,000 mile example with a motor out of a 2005. That part’s got me worried, but supposedly an improperly-repaired head gasket led to some head and block damage. The new mill has 70k miles on it, and the interior looks clean as can be. Did I mention the car’s Alpine white? Hot as can be. According to the CarFax and AutoCheck, the car’s from Texas originally, and the second (current) owner had it shipped to NC via car carrier.

So I’m all set to jump on the Forester 2.5 XT when along comes this raven beauty: a 2005 Outback 2.5 XT. Let me be clear: I’ve lusted after this particular car since it first hit the show room, but had given up the notion of laying my hands on a 5-speed version as they’re about as pohttp://autofiends.compular as fried chicken livers in New York. Then, low and behold, a black on black example crops up just an hour from my parents’ house. Mileage is 103k and the price tag is an extra grand more than the Forester. It’s got the space, the looks, and supposedly a clean CarFax. The real cherry part? Both cars are nearly the exact same distance from me.
Which do I go with? The new-motor’d Forester or the longroof Outback? The choices. It’d take us a few extra weeks to amass the cash for the Outback, during which time both cars could vanish before our eyes. I’m headed to Raleigh to see the Forester tomorrow, and the current plan is to use the Outback as a back up if anything seems fishy. The agony.
Vote for Internet Car and Truck of the Year!

Vote for Internet Car and Truck of the Year!

Remember way back when I jumped in as a juror for the Internet Car and Truck of the Year? After intense deliberations, my fellow interweb scribes and myself have finally come up with a list of semifinalists for the coveted top slots in each category. What are they? You’ll have to hop over to the award site for a look see on that one. Come tomorrow, you and everyone else with an opinion can choose between our picks and the votes will be tallied for the overall winner. So hop on over to the site, see what’s what and let us know what you think.

Tanner Foust Drifts Mulholland In His 600hp Scion Drift Car-Turn It Up

Tanner Foust Drifts Mulholland In His 600hp Scion Drift Car-Turn It Up

Many moons ago I lived about 5 miles away from the section of Mulholland Highway known as “The Snake” that Tanner Foust picked to debut his new Street Drift video series. I spent many a weekday afternoon banging up and down the two mile stretch between the Rockstore Cafe at the bottom and “The Gallery” overlook at the top, learning the lines on my Yamaha FZ600 or Golf GTI . I know this road! I’ve hammered it on sport bikes, vintage Porsches, a 400whp Subaru STI, a Nissan GT-R and even an Ariel Atom. I’ve left some skin sliding along this stretch of tarmac. This is my road! Or was. Not anymore. Tanner Foust, in his 600hp Nascar V8 powered Rockstar Energy Drink Scion tC, owns it now! Note the fresh tracks! And turn up the volume!

Gymkhana Explained By Hottie. Kind Of.

Gymkhana Explained By Hottie. Kind Of.

Biggest automotive YouTube sensation, Ken Block teamed up with biggest grammatical YouTube sensation, Marina from Hot For Words to explain the word Gymkhana. Worth a watch, even if its just to see Marian overflowing from the DC wifebeater, but we’re not sure she really explained the root of the word Gymkhana properly. defines Gymkhana as “a field day held for equestrians, consisting of exhibitions of horsemanship and much pageantry.”

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